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Bystroushaak's blog Programming, Philosophy, 3D modeling, Technological marvels
LastrevioTheory psychoanalysis, Jungian typology/Socionics, philosophy, politics
Naught Thought Philosophy
Measure of Doubt Rationality, science, and philosophy
Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog Philosophy, Academia, Politics
Ralph Ammer Drawing, design, philosophy
Gwern Branwen Statistics, psychology, Quantified Self, philosophy, poetry, programming, anime
Eisfunke Thoughts on Computer Science, Politics and Philosophy
Bruno Oliveira Web, work philosophy
BattlePenguin Technology, philosophy, politics, poetry
雨山 Web development, game development, artificial intelligence, math, philosophy, music, and Japanese
Muse & Reason Leadership, philosophy, history, politics, business and digital. Software, philosophy
DYNOMIGHT Philosophy, logic, society
Protesilaos Stavrou Philosophy, politics
Shen's Essays Philosophy & Computer Science
Edwin Wenink A public memory prosthesis {philosophy, tech, ai}
Alex Brezas Philosophy and functional programming
Venam's Blog // Patrick Louis Unix, philosophy, psychology
Discursive anomalies Philosophy
Tao Bojlén Software, security, philosophy
Y.K. Goon Fiction, philosophy, software
oddworlds soliloquy Philosophy
cdixon Programming, philosophy, history, internet, startups, investing
The Autodidacts Philosophy, Tech
What Thoughts May Come Philosophy
Slate Star Codex Science, medicine, philosophy, politics, and futurism.
Erich Grunewald's Writings Programming, philosophy, art
Tao Bojlén Application security, philosophy
Unexpected Values Math, philosophy, puzzles, politics